Nothing is as toxic as losing your Self-Esteem

“You have to learn to get up from the table where love is no longer being served.”

Insecurities can take you to the verge of your relationship. A healthy relationship involves
two beings taking care of each other but if the relationship is leading towards the pitch-black
pit then it is the time to make the move and jump out of it. If it is hard for you to understand
whether you are in a bad relationship or not. Go through the below-mentioned list:

  • The respect for both died in each other’s heart and both are always ready with the venom to spew.
  • Tired of being hopeful that everything will be alright.
  • When you are the only one trying to amend things.
  • The blame games being played with eying each other or side glances but not face to face.
  • When the roots of insecurities start to suffocate you.
  • When any conversation leads to fights and arguments.
  • When you are losing your worth in other’s eyes.
  • When it sounds best to avoid each other for all the good reasons.
  • When there is always abomination or disdain for every small thing which makes you feel unvalued and completely useless.
  • When it gives you negative aura in each other’s company.
  • You have lost yourself in order to discover what your partner wants you to be.
  • Anything you try to do is completely wrong in other’s perspective.
  • You keep on going back to the happy times you had together rather than creating a happy moment in present.

If the above list is the mirror view of your own self then end one such relationship and invest
that time in exploring yourself where you are the master of your own life and live your life
happily on your own terms.


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